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Welcome to Tender Nursing Care

Tender Nursing Care is a client-centered home care service that strives to facilitate independent living and promote a high quality of life. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and quality care, assistance, and companionship to our clients, whether in their own homes or in institution-based residences. Our friendly and qualified team is comprised of professionals specializing in patient care, with diverse backgrounds such as Nursing, Physiotherapy, Social Services, and Certified PSWs.

"The time is coming to take care of those who took care of you."



We are carefully monitoring the developing situation and will continue to do so. As of now, we would like to assure everyone that we at Tender Nursing Care are putting in our utmost efforts to provide a safe environment for our patients.


What people say about Tender Nursing Care

"TNC was more than anything I could expect for. It was most beneficial at the time of my illness. The PSW was wonderful and provided me with every possible care. I would definitely suggest TNC to anyone in the need of additional care." Donna C.

"We are very satisfied and happy with the services being offered by TNC. We are assigned with the most wonderful and caring PSW with whom we share a very special bond." Marta M.

"I absolutely love the TNC team and really appreciate what they did for me. The personnel was outstanding and fabulously performed all the possible duties. They left me extremely satisfied and would definitely refer it to a friend." Marlene E.

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